Indore Christian College

Hundred and thirty four years of Sustained Academic excellence is the tradition and identity of our college.

             Indore Christian College has practised nationalism and secularism through – out its more than eighty decades of education. Being a minority college we have always aspired to promote the development of intellectuality, nationalism, secularism and self – confidence in our students. Above all

“All things were made by him; and without him was not anything made that was made.”         

Indore Christian College has always aspired to in evaluate in the students self – confidence, intellectuality and last but not the least the love for one another to build Christ like character. With hope and devotional approach towards our students to turn out as efficient and true citizens of our country with utmost belief in education and God.


                                                                                                            Dr. Amit David


Board of Governors

Indore Christian College

Indore Christian College is the oldest minority institution in India. It has always been ahead as a centre for promoting fellowship, brotherhood and understanding. It’s a cradle of leadership, nurturing talents since its inception.

                             The dynamic college environment is powered by an exceptionally dedicated, well qualified & experienced faculty. We produce a galaxy of young achievers & dreamers to venture into this challenging world.

                              No stone is left unturned in helping realize the potential of students throughout various walks of life. Our aim is to facilitate personal, professional and spiritual growth in order to equip students with the tools they need to reach beyond their goals.

                               Our teaching techniques, promote the development of self confidence, never quit attitude, nationalism, secularism and intellectuality. With God’s blessings we continue to teach & produce qualified and efficient citizens for our country.

‘Selfless Service’ is our motto and will continue to keep the banner flying high.


Dr. Seema David


                                   Board of Governors

History Of The College

          Indore Christian College, one of the premier institutions in the country, was founded in the year 1887 A.D. by the Canadian Mission and is run by the Protestant Christian Minority Community. From the beginning the institution has relentlessly aimed at excellence and has produced students who unfailingly excelled in varied fields be it higher education, sports, administration, industry, trade, religion and social service and politics.

           At the time of its inception in 1887 it was affiliated to Calcutta University and classes were started with only twelve students. The late Dr. John Wilkie was the first Principal of the Institution.

             The year 1895 witnessed the completion of the main building which was formally inaugurated on 22ndNovemver 1895 by the then Agent to the Governor Gereral of India, Col. Barr. Its first hostel was constructed in  1899 and is being renovated. Our hostel has always been a model of national unity and has promoted international understanding.

              Dr. A. A. King was appointed Principal in 1902 as per the requirement of The Indian Universities Act. It was in 1904 that the college was affiliated to the Allahabad University. Since then we have come a long way and it is a flourishing co-educational institution. The first lady student enrolled in the college in the year 1910.

              After Dr. King’s return to Canada Rev. J. A. Sharrad was appointed Principal of the college in 1912 and in 1913 Rev. A. A. Scott became the Principal. However when Dr. King returned to India in 1916. In due course the college was affiliated to Agra University in 1927 and thereafter to Vikram University. In due course after Indore University (Renamed as Devi AhilyaVishwavidhalya) was established it was affiliated to the same.

             In 1929, Dr. A. A. Scott again took over the Principalship of the college and continued to serve in that capacity till 1952. Dr. (Mrs.) L.W. Brycew succeeded him as the Principal but left for Canada in 1952. During her short tenure as Principal she started Sociology classes at graduate level (B.A.) and founded The School of Social Works. Following her departure to Canada Rev. A. M. Dalaya was appointed as the officiating Principal. It was at this time that four new Post-graduate courses were introduced in the college in English, Hindi, Economics and Sociology.

         Dr. C.W. David, Head of the Dept. of Hindi was appointed Principal on 12th December 1959 after Prof. R.N. Langer completed his term (July 1956-December 1959) Dr. David has the distinction of being Dean, Faculty of Arts, of both Vikram University and Indore University. Druring his tenure Post-Graduate classes in Sanskrit and Social Work were introduced in 1960. Eventually School of Social Work developed into an independent institution.

              In July 1966 Dr. R. Moses, took over as the Principal of the college and started the faculty of Commerce in the year 1974.

           Dr. J. A. L. Noah became the Principal of the college in August 1978 and Post-Graduate classes were started in Comm-erce Faculty. Besides this a Commerce block named “ChamkaurComplex” was constructed. In September 1990 Dr. K. P. Pothen became the Principal. He retired in 1992.

         Prof. S. K. Mohanty the Vice-Principal of the college took over as the Principal on April 1st 1992. B.Com with Computer Application started in the year 2000 A.D. Following the sad demise of Principal Prof. S.K. Mohanty in October 2003, Prof. K.C. Gupta officiated as the Principal of college.