Skill Development Courses

We offer free training to our students on following Courses…

We provides systematic training on how to get job, hints and tips to get jobs. Where jobs are available for them as per their qualification, also we provides them a systematic approach to find jobs, CV Writing on international patterns, SWOT analysis, Interview facing techniques. Finally it’s a training which will give them job ticket and will never fail to get job.This program has been developed to help unemployed people. It has been designed to help put you in control of your job search by offering tips and practical advice.

This job kit useful and wish you every success in your job search. It will Guide you:
  • Applying for jobs
  • Help with writing CV
  • Some tips for letter and completing application forms
  • Preparing for interviews

Customer Care

  • In this course you will learn what are customer care and its effect on profit.
  • Role of first line manager in customer care.
  • Customer care and its use as a competitive tool
  • Elements influencing customer care
  • Important of communication
  • How to develop customer care program
  • This program will help our students who are interested in marketing job.
  • Also useful for sales assistant job.

Time Management

  • How you waste time and why?
  • How to identify what is really important to you.
  • How personal responsibility is the key to freedom
  • Where to invest your time for maximum effectiveness.
  • How to inspire the co-operation of others in achieving task.

Basic telephone training

The title basic telephone training speaks for itself. The course is designed to make elementary students efficient telephone users within a limited area. At the end of this course students should be able to cope with telephone duties of a receptionist or switchboard operator.

Presentation Techniques

Speaking in public worries almost everyone even those who must do it regularly as part of their job. To describe how anyone can present a talk or Presentation program successfully This program is very useful especially for Commerce, law and students of social science like Political Science, sociology and even for all those wanted to join:
  • Teaching profession
  • Marketing profession
  • Social Work
  • Political field
With the help of this course you will be able to express your views in public without any fear or hesitation, after this training you will be a good speaker. Public speaking is always an attractive area where you can show your ability related to your field.