Chairman’s message

Our college is one of the oldest colleges in India, some One Hundred and Twenty Eight Years old. it has a great tradition students coming from different walks of life. in its character, Christian has a log tradition of nationalism and secularism in spite if being a minority institution.

Long ago Aristotle in this ‘On Rhetoric’, propounded a model of the communication process for twenty-one centuries. More specifically he taught that presentation occurs through the interaction of the ethos of the speaker, the logos of the message, and the pathos of the audience. Indore Christian college has a long tradition of teachers of high intelligence, character and goodwill. They have always been more concerned for the welfare of their students rather than for self-gain. The logos or the courses taught in the institution have always been of a high standard as di;u prescribed by the university. Ethos of the teachers and logos always combined to interact with the pathos of the students that is their intellectual, emotional and motivational concerns. Essentially we have been endeavoring to use communication process that are eventually appropriate and promote the development of intellectuality, nationalism, secularism and self-confidence in our students.

May this missionary and devotional approach to our sacred task of turning out good and efficient citizens if our country continue with God’s blessings.

Dr. V. C. David
Board of Governors